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Let’s speak!

Tips and advice to improve oral expression

What is "Parlem"?

It is an innovative project

Let’s speak is a project taking place in Joan Solà High School (Torrefarrera) in order to improve the students’ speaking skills and support  teachers who are working on oral communication skills with their students. It consists of a group of students with teachers who are experts in oral communication, which is the main focus of the project.

It is part of an Erasmus + project

Let’ speak! is part of the contribution of the Institut Joan Solà to the Erasmus + project called Skills for Success with participants from Belfast, Berlin, Gubbio, Huelva and Torrefarrera.

It is also an educational resource for the improvement of oral communication

Let’s speak! is where you will find resources, guidance, examples of good practice, assessment methods … that will help improve your oral skills.


Pàgina creda per Juanjo Falcó/2016′